1. Khalid H. Rajab Executive Vice Editor-in-Chief

2. Said K. Salim Vice Editors-in-Chief

3. Asha R. Nassor

Editorial Board Member

1 JumaKhatib Said

2 Hadia Azan

3 ShariffKh. Shariff

4 Hemed M. Iddi

5 WalidKassim

6 Said K. Salim

7 Zidi Makame

8 Khamis S. Khamis

9 Amour Haj

10 Arafa S. Juma


The editor-in-chief heads all departments of the organization and is held accountable for delegating tasks to staff members and managing them Typical responsibilities of editors in chief include

 • Ensuring that content is journalistically objective 

Fact checking, spelling, grammar, writing style, page design and photos

• Rejecting writing that appears to be plagiarized, ghostwritten, published elsewhere, or of little interest to readers

• Evaluating and editing content

• Contributing editorial pieces

• Motivating and developing editorial staff

• Ensuring the final draft is complete

• Handling reader complaints and taking responsibility for issues after publication

• For books and journals, cross-checking citations and examining references

• Working to advance the commercial success of the publication

• Position may involve recruiting, hiring and firing staff.

Work Responsibilities of Advisory/Editorial Board

The role of the editorial board is to advise and support the Conference Management Team and the editors.

Some more responsibilities are as follows:

• Reviewing the paper as a blind peer reviewer and suggest regarding the selection of paper in the journal.

• The position of member in the Advisory and Editorial Board is completely voluntary.

• Approaching potential authors to submit their original papers

. • Approaching different editors, publishers and organizations for collaborations with us.

• Endorse the organization to authors, readers and subscribers and encourage colleagues to submit their best research work